Sioux Chief Launches New Plumbing Specialty Brand – Tomahawk


Tomahawk is born out of Sioux Chief’s three specialty plumbing lines: Plumbing Specialty, Gas Specialty and Tools. The newly launched Tomahawk will advance Sioux Chief’s long standing foundation in specialty products, moving toward the future as a leader in quality, innovative finish plumbing, gas specialty products, and plumbing tools.

Kansas City, Missouri — Sioux Chief announced the launch of its new plumbing specialty brand, Tomahawk.

For decades, Sioux Chief has developed, manufactured, and distributed a quality and innovative line of rough and specialty plumbing products. During that time, its specialty product and tool offering has consistently grown to meet demand.

The consolidation of three Sioux Chief specialty product lines, Plumbing Specialty, Gas Specialty and Plumbing Tools, comprises the new brand, Tomahawk, to support Sioux Chief’s core Supply, Drainage and Support categories.

“Plumbing contractors, tradesmen and other installers rely on Sioux Chief to produce these vital extras so they can finish the job to a high standard,” said Gene Pal, Tomahawk’s product group director.

Tomahawk will focus on quality and product innovation to enhance the plumbing contractor’s labor savings before, during and after product installation.

“Our products are tested and give an edge in the field because they equal labor savings, quality and reputation building,” said Sioux Chief president, Joe Ismert. “This emphasis on our Tomahawk product group is a natural extension of Sioux Chief’s heritage which dates back to our founding in 1957.”

The Tomahawk line includes several well respected industry mainstays such as the PlumbPerfect closet bolts, TrimTite escutcheons, HearthMaster Log Lighter products and the SmartSpout tub spout.

Pal says the same Sioux Chief commitment to quality and innovation will continue with Tomahawk’s current and expanding offerings.

More about Tomahawk

Tomahawk is a Sioux Chief brand offering quality innovative plumbing specialty, gas specialty, and plumbing tools. Tomahawk focuses on product quality and innovation, which often shapes new ideas for contractor labor savings before, during or after an installation.  These savings help contractors gain an edge in the field, as they work to build their brands, win bids and make profits. Tomahawk products are sold to qualified wholesale distributors and retailers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Peculiar, Missouri — just outside of Kansas City. For more information call 1-800-821-3944.

Contact Information:

24110 South Peculiar Drive
Peculiar, MO 64078