Sioux Chief Stainless Steel MiniRester for OxBox Access boxes

Stainless Steel Mini

The MiniRester is a code mandated and approved water hammer arresting device. Sioux Chief’s line of water hammer arresters is certified by ASSE to ASSE 1010 Arrester Standard and by IAPMO to the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC).

Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, announced its OxBox line of products now incorporates Sioux Chief’s latest innovation: The new stainless steel MiniRester.

The OxBox with stainless steel MiniRester provides a code-approved installation that is readily available in washing machine, icemaker, lavatory and toilet and dishwasher box product, making the necessary protection of the valve and water line easy for the plumber and plumbing inspector. Water Hammer is generally defined as the damaging pressure surge and banging noise caused by the quick stoppage of the water column when a valve or faucet is turned off abruptly.

The code-mandated installation of an arrester product is made easy and repeatable by choosing an OxBox Access box product with integral water hammer arrester(s).

The aesthetically pleasing arrester matches the color of the Access valve for the best looking water hammer access box product available.

“The OxBox with stainless steel MiniRester is manufactured right here in the United States by Sioux Chief, using domestic materials,” said Sioux Chief Supply product group director, Brian Ismert. “This level of control and attention to detail insures the highest quality standards in material and design for today’s demanding plumber, builder and homeowner.”

With a wide variety of connection options, Sioux Chief’s line of Access and Water Hammer Arrester products is the most comprehensive available to the plumbing industry today. Sioux Chief has been providing water hammer solutions to the plumbing industry for more than twenty-five years.

For the most up-to-date information on sizing, placement and offerings for Sioux Chief products, visit Sioux Chief’s water hammer experts and software are available to help with new project sizing and troubleshooting existing installations.

More About Sioux Chief:

Since 1957, Sioux Chief has manufactured innovative plumbing products. It is a leader in providing rough plumbing solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and government applications. Sioux Chief’s comprehensive product line is comprised of three core groups: Supply, Drainage and Support. Sioux Chief products are sold to qualified wholesale distributors and retailers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Peculiar, Missouri — just outside of Kansas City. For more information call 1-800-821-3944.

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