SmartSpout™ Reintroduced


Formerly known as Tug Spout, SmartSpout™ is ideal for maintenance and repairmen at hotels, motels, dormitories, apartments and other multi-unit type projects. During installation SmartSpout actually pulls itself towards the wall providing a firm and secure fit.

Sioux Chief is re-introducing SmartSpout™ with a new copper repair adapter developed for when the copper stub out is too short or is damaged. Repair adapters can be purchased either 5/bag or in a kit. The kit includes all the necessary materials in the event that soldering is not possible.

Secure Connection

The SmartSpout™ is the last replacement spout you’ll ever buy. Uniquely designed and patented, the SmartSpout actually pulls itself towards the wall providing a firm and secure installation. The body of the spout is made from heavy, die-cast zinc material and the internal clamping mechanism and spring are made from corrosion-resistant Type 304 stainless steel. SmartSpout is designed to work only when 1/2″ copper tube penetrates through the wall.

Reduces Moisture

Each spout includes a free, self-adhesive Dry Seal Pipe Collar™. This plastic disc is sized to fit tightly over the copper tube and is tapered to direct water away from the open hole.

Clean Finish

Available in three finishes with or without a shower diverter, the SmartSpout is designed to pull itself towards the wall and therefore eliminates the need for unsightly caulk required with other brands.

Quick Install

Remove the old spout. Make sure the copper tube penetrating through the wall is at least 2-5/8″ long, clean the copper then push the SmartSpout over the tube and tighten. It’s that easy.

Repair Adapter Extension Kit

If the copper stub out penetrating through the wall is too short once the old spout is removed, extend the copper tube length using the copper nipple adapter. This repair adapter fits inside the 1/2″ copper stub out. The repair adapter can be soldered, however if soldering is not an option, it can be glued in place with the specially formulated copper-to-copper, 2-step epoxy provided. (Substituting the epoxy provided in the kit voids the Sioux Chief warranty)


About Sioux Chief
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