Sioux Chief Releases New Product – ComboSaddle™ for PowerBar™

Sioux Chief ComboSaddle™

Sioux Chief has released a new plumbing support product for plumbing contractors – ComboSaddle™ for PowerBar™ Universal Slider Bracket. The ComboSaddle is the optimal product for centering pipe between floor joists.

Each ComboSaddle is multi-sized to hold two different sizes of Sch. 40 pipe. The 523-712W model supports 1½” and 2” DWV pipe and the 523-734W model supports 3” and 4” DWV pipe.

Made from durable white ABS, the ComboSaddle can be glued to the pipe using all-purpose cement. It attaches to the front or back of the galvanized PowerBar bracket, which is sold separately. DWV Combo Saddles are packaged 10 per bag and include screws for attaching the saddle to the bracket. Free sample packs are available.