Sioux Chief Releases Canadian Mechanical Contractor Video

Contractor Profile - Calgary

The new video focuses on Canadian mechanical contractor, Nu-Mun Contracting, and its use of innovative labor saving rough plumbing products by Sioux Chief.

 “If our competitors aren’t utilizing Sioux Chief products, that just means we get more jobs, because we’re able to quote jobs tighter,” said David Muncaster, with Nu-Mun Mechanical Contracting.

 The contractor profile video focuses on the building of the Encore Condos at Kincora in Calgary, Alberta.  Sioux Chief products are specified and used in both commercial and residential construction projects.

 “Sioux Chief offers a lot of product and we’re ordering more and more. With them able to build special product for us, that is giving us that much more of an edge over our competition,“ said Doug Muncaster, President of Nu-Mun Contracting.