Sioux Chief MiniResters Now With Stainless Steel Barrels


We recently made a significant update to our popular line of MiniRester™ Water Hammer Arresters. A stainless steel barrel component now replaces the old copper barrel on all of our MiniResters with tee fittings (660-GT Series). The internal change to this 304 high-grade stainless steel barrel was made in an effort to take advantage of the latest high-tech advancements in automation, while keeping costs in check and maintaining the highest quality.

In addition, some of these new stainless steel barrel MiniResters (660-GTR Series) now come with nickel plated tee components. Since this particular 660-GTR group of MiniResters with swivel compression tees are installed on chrome supply stops, this new nickel/stainless steel finish matches the chrome stops and stainless steel braided supply tubes for a clean finished look.

All MiniResters with new stainless steel barrels are now being shipped, using the same item numbers, list prices and certifications.

For more than 25 years, the MiniRester has been the leading solution to residential water hammer caused by quick closing valves in the plumbing system. Not only is the MiniRester a great retrofit device for plumbers and homeowners with banging pipes, it is now the number one choice to satisfy the mandatory code requirements of new residential construction.

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