Sioux Chief Launches PowerPEX Tubing, Fitting Freedom


Sioux Chief has added the manufacture of PowerPEX tube to its existing offering of all major PEX fitting systems. PowerPEX tube & fitting systems offer Sioux Chief customers the Power to Choose the right fitting or connection system for the application or their own comfort levels while maintaining quality, function and Made in the USA materials.

Sioux Chief announced it is now manufacturing PowerPEX PEX-B tube in its new state- of-the-art extrusion facility, located just south of Kansas City, making it the only rough plumbing manufacturer to offer PEX tubing in addition to all major PEX fitting systems: ASTM F1807 Crimp™, ASTM F2159 AccuCrimp™, ASTM F2080 Lock™ and ASTM F1960 Grip™.

PowerPEX tube rounds out Sioux Chief’s line of PEX installation options, offering plumbing contractors Fitting Freedom, which Sioux Chief defines as the ability to mix and match system fittings and tube within viable code-accepted configurations, while maintaining the 25-year warranty.

“Sioux Chief tube is warranted,” said Sioux Chief Executive Vice President, Rex Baer. “Sioux Chief fittings are warranted. Each have a 25-year warranty, are made with superior quality and with Made in the USA materials.”

“We want contractors & wholesalers to consider Sioux Chief’s PowerPEX fitting systems and tube when choosing a partner for PEX installations,” said Baer.

PowerPEX tube is available in sizes ½” – 2” in all common coils, straight lengths and colors. PowerPEX PEX-B tubing is available in sizes ½” – 1 ¼” and can be used in conjunction with F1807 Crimp, F2159 AccuCrimp and F2080 Lock fitting systems. Each fitting system is complete in fittings, connectors, assemblies, kits, manifolds and tools.

Sioux Chief’s PowerPEX PEX-A tubing is available in sizes 1½” – 2” and can be used with all PEX fitting systems including F1960 Grip fittings.

“PowerPEX provides the quality parts and fitting systems contractors & wholesalers need with the right warranty and with a commitment to American manufacturing,” Baer said.