Sioux Chief announces Floweasy™ Chemical Drain Opener


Sioux Chief has joined with Hi-Tec Laboratories to offer the well-respected chemical drain opener, Floweasy™.

The “often-imitated, NEVER duplicated” Floweasy™ drain opener is a proprietary formulation of 94% by weight virgin sulfuric acid and buffers/inhibitors.  Floweasy’s professional strength unclogs drains quickly – the clog is typically free flowing within 15 minutes with very little to no odor.

Floweasy™ is safer than competitors’ products; it can be used in standing water and toilets to safely clear clogs.  Quart-size bottles have a childproof cap and every plastic bottle has a metal heat-welded seal.  Floweasy™ will not harm drain pipes or septic tanks and is safe to use in all common drains, cleanouts, sinks and toilets.  Floweasy™ is made in the USA and is sold and shipped in case quantities only, to the 48 contiguous states.

For more information, please call 1-800-821-3944 or visit for a list of Sioux Chief Representatives.