Plumbing Code Update: Water Hammer Control


Since 1997, most states across the country have enacted the IPC and UPC water hammer control regulations for new residential plumbing installations, requiring AA size arresters installed on all quick-closing valves. As each year goes by, more and more states are enforcing these water hammer control requirements on new construction.

The most common applications for AA arresters are on the water lines serving washing machines, dishwashers, and ice maker valves. Left unchecked, the quick closure of these valves causes a sudden stop of the water column, creating water hammer, and causing undue stress on all components within the piping system. Water hammer arresters alleviate this stress and eliminate the hammer.

Canada has also enacted their version of the same code, which is now being implemented in several provinces.  More Canadian provinces have indicated they plan to start requiring water hammer arresters on all new construction in 2014.

New product innovations such as the Sioux Chief Mini-Rester and Ox Box with integral arresters have made enforcement of this code requirement easy and affordable.

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