New Tile-In Drain Head for 821 Series Shower Pan Drains

821 Series Tile-In head

Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, introduced the Tile-In head for its 821 Series shower pan drains as part of its continuing effort to provide the most complete line of shower drains on the market.

The Tile-In head is a two-piece, stainless steel head that threads into the clamping collar of the 821 shower pan drain, like a standard drain head. No
special tools or techniques are needed. The removable tile insert “tray” sets inside the outer/lower drain head and provides a square drainage slot between the two pieces. A piece of shower floor tile is set into the tray to provide an attractive, seamless look to the shower floor.821 Tile-In Head

In addition to the seamless, contemporary appearance, the Tile-In head eliminates the need to match the strainer finish to the valve trim finish.

“With the Tile-In style drain head, there’s no need to consider the finish of the shower trim. Whether it’s satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze or chrome, the Tile-In head works equally well with any finish. Even if the trim finish changes, with the Tile-In head it’s no problem,” said Chris Ismert, Sioux Chief Product Group Director for Drainage.

The Tile-In head is available complete with an 821 drain body or is sold separately.