Garrison Plumbing Contractor Profile

Sioux Chief Contractor Profile - Residential

Going to different product meetings throughout the United States and meeting with different companies, the one company that is always brought up, as a comparison, is Sioux Chief and that tells you right there that they are the innovators and everybody uses them as an example.

Garrison Plumbing was started back in 1998. We employ a little over 60 guys right now. We diversify in multi-family, commercial and residential markets. Our focus is the home owners and to make sure they’re happy at the end of the day.

As the owner of a company, I ask the same thing the builders ask for me. If I’m going to put a product out on the street with my name behind it, I want somebody to stand by it 100%.

I’m always a huge believer in people that are innovators because they care about the product. They’re still passionate about the product they sell.

The way we do things, sometimes might have five steps before it’s a finished product. Some of the products that Sioux Chief is bringing out seems to take out about three of those steps. That being said as a whole, they are American made and that is huge.