BranchMaster™ Manifolds New Brochure and Custom Builder Form


Sioux Chief announced a new brochure for its BranchMaster manifold product line. Additionally, a new expanded offering of BranchMaster manifolds can be found on Sioux Chief’s website and List Price Index.

Sioux Chief stocks the industry’s leading supply of manifolds for potable water or radiant systems. More than 300 manifolds are in stock and, with Sioux Chief’s manifold manufacturing capabilities, more than 27 million customizations help plumbers find the product they need — all fully warranted and domestically made. A new BranchMaster Custom Manifold Builder Form (PDF) is available on Sioux Chief’s website.

Manifolds provide a single access point for fixture or fixture supply maintenance and service. The increased plumbing functionality is offered by the Sioux Chief BranchMaster product line made from naturally No-Lead copper, which provides an economical yet robust metal manifold as the perfect solution for No-Lead compliant cost effective systems.

BranchMaster manifolds are complete with offerings including connections and outlets for all common plumbing types – CPVC, PEX (x3), PDQ push-fitting, threaded, sweat and other connection options, multiple trunk sizes, with or without branch valves and with spun-closed trunk ends or as flow-thru models.

“The uses of ‘Combination’ plumbing systems combine manifolds with and without valves. This plumbing system installation incorporates the best features of a ‘Home Run’ plumbing system with the best features of a ‘Trunk and Branch’ plumbing system,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rex Baer.

“Sioux Chief recommends the use of ‘Combination’ plumbing systems because they use 83 percent fewer connections than ‘trunk and branch’ installations but also include 58 percent less tube than ‘home run’ systems,” Baer said.