Copper: A Naturally No Lead Material

Copper Products

Sioux Chief offers a complete line of fittings for PEX systems, made in America from the highest grade brass and copper alloys.  These solutions are lead free, dezincification resistant and stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistant.  In addition, plumbing contractors should consider Sioux Chief’s line of copper stub out elbows, sweat adapters and manifolds for PEX crimp systems as a cost effective and code compliant alternative to No Lead brass fittings.

With the January 2014 implementation of the new No Lead legislation, potable water surfaces must have less than .25% lead in their make-up.  The higher cost of these new No Lead alloys has not only increased fitting prices, but the lack of lead in the fittings can also present difficulties in soldering. This is especially evident in brass fittings for F1807 PEX Crimp systems. For these reasons, copper fittings and manifolds can be a reliable and cost-effective alternative to No Lead brass.

Unlike brass fittings, which are comprised of copper and zinc, copper fittings are made from virtually nothing but pure copper, making them naturally lead free.  This means copper fittings are 100% code compliant with the new No Lead laws. Plus, completing a leak-free solder joint is far easier using a copper fitting versus the new No Lead brass fittings.

Since copper fittings do not contain zinc, they are naturally dezincification resistant, as well as resistant to SCC. Dezincification and SCC are major concerns in certain brass fittings, especially those imported from overseas. However, this is not a concern with copper fittings.

Trust Sioux Chief copper products as secure, reliable, and compliant alternatives to no-lead brass. Learn more at