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Sioux Chief Announces 2014 No Lead Product List


The No Lead 2014 countdown is on; The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act brings legislative change to the plumbing industry starting January 4, 2014. Plumbing professionals are encouraged to request Sioux Chief’s No Lead product list to prepare for 2014 No Lead purchases. Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) November 12, 2013 Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, announced its 2014

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60-Day Countdown for Sioux Chief ‘No Lead’


National plumbing requirements require standard leaded brass be discontinued on January 4, 2014, when potable water products will be non-compliant and obsolete and will not be grandfathered for continued use. Sioux Chief is committed to compliance with the coming legislative change so customers are completely prepared. Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) October 31, 2013 The “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water

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New Sioux Chief Website for Plumbing Contractors and Wholesalers

Sioux Chief Website

The new Sioux Chief website includes improved features and benefits for Sioux Chief representatives, wholesalers and contractors, including: search tools, OEM information, an online store, No Lead guidance, a PEX portal and more. Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) October 22, 2013 Sioux Chief, announced the launch of its new rough plumbing website at The website complements the new Sioux Chief ‘Rough Plumbing

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Sioux Chief Launches Simple Bend Support to Secure PEX Tubing

Simple Bend Support by Sioux Chief

The Simple Bend Support is a plastic elbow allowing the proper 90 degree radius when installing ½” PEX tube, directing the supply line from a manifold to fixtures. The Simple Bend Support is BAA and ARRA compliant, is made of 40% glass filled nylon, can be nailed directly to the stud, and is competitively priced. Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) August

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Sioux Chief: single-source plumbing source for contractors


By John Mesenbrink, Contractor Magazine Consider me the fly on the wall. Last month, I was fortunate enough to visit Sioux Chief Manufacturing with a group of contractors, wholesalers and reps from the upper Midwest. The day started with a tour of the 375,000-sq.ft. facility followed by a roundtable session with the group. Sioux Chief’s goal of the facility tour and subsequent roundtable

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Sioux Chief Stainless Steel MiniRester for OxBox Access boxes

Stainless Steel Mini

The MiniRester is a code mandated and approved water hammer arresting device. Sioux Chief’s line of water hammer arresters is certified by ASSE to ASSE 1010 Arrester Standard and by IAPMO to the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) May 21, 2013 Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, announced its OxBox line of products now incorporates Sioux Chief’s latest

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Plumbing Code Update: Water Hammer Control


Since 1997, most states across the country have enacted the IPC and UPC water hammer control regulations for new residential plumbing installations, requiring AA size arresters installed on all quick-closing valves. As each year goes by, more and more states are enforcing these water hammer control requirements on new construction. The most common applications for AA arresters are on the

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