Avoid Leaks at the Drain/Pipe Connection with Two Vital Tests


Two tests are highly recommended when installing Sioux Chief’s 821 Series shower pan drain.

First – a pressure test of the DWV system. This test ensures the drain connection to the pipe (and the overall DWV system) is free from leaks. To do this, the drain outlet is plugged above the connection, and the system is pressurized and checked for leaks.

Second – a “flood test”, which is performed after the installation of the waterproof shower pan liner. This test also involves temporarily plugging the drain, then filling the shower floor area with water to a depth of at least 2 inches (measured at the side wall).

The water is retained for at least 15 minutes and the entire area under the pan and around the drain is carefully checked for leaks.

Although these tests may not be required by the local codes, both should be done to verify the shower pan, including the pipe connection, waterproof liner, and compression seal between the liner and the drain collar has been installed correctly before proceeding with the installation. Performing these tests allows any leaks that are discovered to be corrected during an early construction stage, before they can cause damage to the building / living space.

The DoubleDuty™ test plug, designed exclusively to work with our 821 Series shower pan drains, easily and temporarily plugs off the 821 drain during both the DWV pressure test and the flood test. The DoubleDuty test plug is much easier to install and remove than traditional test plugs like blow-up balls or mechanical plugs, plus there are no shards of broken plastic to go down the drain after breaking up a glue-in wafer. The DoubleDuty also allows the contractor to keep the drain head off the job until the installation is ready.

Check out the DoubleDuty™ test plug for an easy and inexpensive solution to sealing the 821 during these two important tests.


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