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SmartSpout™ Reintroduced


Formerly known as Tug Spout, SmartSpout™ is ideal for maintenance and repairmen at hotels, motels, dormitories, apartments and other multi-unit type projects. During installation SmartSpout actually pulls itself towards the wall providing a firm and secure fit. Sioux Chief is re-introducing SmartSpout™ with a new copper repair adapter developed for when the copper stub out is too short or is

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Sioux Chief launches the new StreamLine™ linear shower drain


Kansas City, MO — (SBWIRE) — 07/10/2012 — Sioux Chief announced it has launched the new StreamLine™ linear shower drain for tile-floor showers. The StreamLine features a seamless, internally sloped, one-piece PVC body and a unique stainless steel membrane clamping ring which ensures a watertight seal, setting it apart from competitors, with installation that is easier than other competing models. The StreamLine is

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