Accessing and Using Sioux Chief Product Materials

supporting materials

With Sioux Chief products, you’re specifying, stocking or installing the most versatile products on the market. No matter your role in the plumbing industry, Sioux Chief’s brochures, flyers, videos, installation guides, spec sheets and BIM/Revit files will provide the information you need to make the best use of our products.

We have organized this information to make it easy for you to find what you need for more than 6,000 products on our website. Here, we show you the three easiest ways to access our materials.

1. Product pages

When you’re on the Sioux Chief website, navigate to the product you want. There you will see tabs about midway down the page. These tabs will show the available materials (video, brochure, flyer, etc.) for that particular product or product groups. Click the tab for the materials needed and click the link to download the materials.

2. Smart search

The second way to find materials is to use the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the Sioux Chief website. Type the product name in the search bar and click search. On the results page, the products will appear first, then, by scrolling down you will see all the materials listed under the Product Media Heading.

Click the materials needed to open for viewing and saving.

3. Multimedia

Lastly, from the Sioux Chief homepage, hover over the multimedia tab and select the appropriate category for print or video information. The print tab will take you to a page where you can filter down even further by selecting the tabs for brochures, flyers and reports. To download and save the collateral simply click the download button to the right of the product and material name.