A Salute to Our 2nd Quarter Work Anniversaries

Sioux Chief PowerPEX 200

Sioux Chief has always been proud of our “legacy of longevity” when it comes to our valued employees. While so many companies work with revolving doors, our great people are happy to stay with us for years—and years!

In this second quarter of 2016, we’re celebrating the anniversaries of 25 Sioux Chief employees, representing a wide variety of departments ranging from customer service to plastics to planning to warehouse.

  • Celebrating ten years: Gerald Gray, Tyrone Stigler, Gerald Petrus and Richard Kuhns III
  • Celebrating fifteen years: Sara Simmons and Robert Adams
  • Celebrating sixteen years; Diane Masterson, Crystal Miller, Carol Flanagan and Robin Stewart.
  • Celebrating seventeen years; Connie Dooley, Joel Hataway, Tony Lloyd and Samantha Hogue.
  • Celebrating nineteen years; Joseph Koczan
  • Celebrating twenty years; Donald Kusmec, Robert Kirschner, Keri Harms, Rhonda Vandyne and Susan Hastings
  • Celebrating twenty-one years: Genevieve Barnard and Anthony Ismert
  • Celebrating twenty-five years: Mai Norman
  • Celebrating thirty-six years: David Woodfin
  • Celebrating thirty-eight years: Frank Julian

Congratulations to everyone celebrating a work anniversary with us this quarter—we couldn’t have done it without your dedication, enthusiasm and excellent skills.