5 Things to Consider About Your New Home’s Rough Plumbing


1. Photograph or videotape your rough plumbing layout

Your new home is soon to be finished and everything will be shiny and new. But eventually something will go wrong and you’ll need repairs. So, when it comes to plumbing, rather than tearing out all of your drywall trying to find the location of your problem, take photographs or video of your rough plumbing now, BEFORE the drywall is installed.

2. Do your research

Investigate how new homes in your region are being plumbed. What are common plumbing problems for your climate? What are some prevalent plumbing features? Ask the architect and sub-contractors to share their research and plans with you. The plans may come in handy later.

3. Make sure things are the way you want them

Your contractor will be happy to walk through the layout of your plumbing system BEFORE it’s installed. If you have future plans of adding on to your home, you can possibly alter the layout to make an extension easier.

4. Know your system

The architect and contractors will explain things to you before installation. Make sure it is all clear and you have a firm understanding of your system. Not only will you be able to save money by diagnosing and determining problems before you pay a plumber to do it, you’ll look awfully smart explaining how radiant heating keeps your wife’s feet warm on otherwise cold tile.

5. Insist on smart and quality products

All products are not created equally. Tell your architect that you want your new home specified with high quality, labor saving products made in America. This will save you money on the contractor’s labor time and on repairs down the road.